Graphic designer. Animator. Painter. Storyteller. Outdoor Enthusiast. Dog Lover. Game of Thrones Fan.


Lynn received her B.F.A. from the University of New Mexico specializing in graphic design and animation.  She furthered her studies in animation at Animation Mentor where she completed a two-year Advanced Character Animation program. Since graduation she has worked as a freelancer for small businesses in California and New Mexico. Her most recent job was working as Lead Designer at Reelz Channel. There she collaborated with the marketing and sales teams to create high-quality content for on-air, web, and print.

I have had the pleasure of working with Lynn for the past 2 years at REELZ Channel. She is highly creative and imaginative. She knows her toolbox and isn’t afraid to use it. We have a pretty rigid brand at REELZ. Lynn has been able to extend it and create some very fun and edgy approaches for promos. All, while being true to our brand. She is fun to have around and is a very good team player. I highly recommend her!
— David Zaccaria, VP Marketing and Creative, Reelz Channel
I had the pleasure of having Lynn on my staff at REELZ for two years. Lynn brings a wealth of creativity and talent to each project. Her “can do” attitude is a joy to be around and her skill as an artist, designer and illustrator turns that “can do” into “done” in record time.
— Artie Scheff, Senior VP of Marketing, Reelz Channel
Lynn is a great asset to our company. Talented, knowledgeable and has a wonderful eye for the creative. With minimal direction she delivers a product complete and wonderfully executed. The staff and the clients all enjoy working with Lynn, her positive attitude and easy going style make everyone feel comfortable with her abilities. I look to Lynn often to provide innovative direction for promotional videos and she always performs beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Lynn.
— Rhoda Weill, Rolling R Productions
Lynn Brasher is a talented animator and illustrator with a strong work ethic. I first met Lynn in the Univ. of New Mexico IFDM program. Over three years she assisted in animation and illustration on extensive digital media projects. In her first year Lynn created an animated robot as a central character in a post apocalyptic short film. The robot’s movement and subtle body language were key to the films success. After graduating Lynn worked on a handful of professional productions for my company, Working Boy Productions. On those projects Lynn skillfully handled medical animations, title design, art card design, and story boards. Lynn Brasher is a skillful, imaginative team player.
— Charlie O'Dowd, Producer